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04495三肖中特网: Washer Extractor

三肖中特一百元赢多少 We produce three series of heavy duty washer extractor, such as soft mount type washer extractor, hard mount type industrial washing machine, and barrier washing machine.they have the characteristic as following:

Advanced inverter to control the speed .Has advantage of energy saving and stable running.

All of the machine adopt #304 stainless steel for anti-rust and long-term service.

Adopt advanced touch-type control system .Chinese or English language display.

Manual detergent supply or automatic dosing supply can be ordered to produce.

Manual and automatic washing programs can be chosen by will.

With advanced over-shock and door lock protect structure.

Big door for loading and unloading the material .

Continuum-style bearing housing structure. 

These series of washer extractor are suitable for inns,hotel,hospital,laundry plants,etc. Have CE certification.

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