Focus on laundry equipment since 1989's

You are currently facing the problem.

1. How to choose suitable laundry equipments for a laundry project.
2. Worrying about risk when using laundry equipments.
3. Technical support from laundry equipment supplier.
4. The same function of machine ,but the quality not the same.
5. During operation of laundry equipments , can not save energy cost and operating time.

We can all solve.

1. We can provide you automated laundry equipments project design and layout.
2. We supply operation photos and video for users to know how to operate the laundry equipments easily.
3. We supply laundry solution plan and after-sales technical support for customers within 48 hours. 
4. To provide laundry equipment information intelligent collection of program consulting.
5. To provide fast, safe, high reliability professional laundry equipments.

Solution Plan

Self Service Laundry 2D Project

Hotel laundry project

Metro station laundry project 2d design

We can provide the most complete washing and drying equipment for your laundry room.

Products in 5 series of 38 varieties and over 100 specification, which can support complete laundry room for hotel, hospital, school, factory.....

After-Sales Service

To provide client with equipment installation, commissioning and technical training services.

To provide customer with maintenance services.

(1). if the machines problems, you can communicate with the sales staff online, real-time to solve the problem.
(2). We can provide on-site services, after the customer has made the application, we will send a professional after-sales staff to solve the problem.
(3). Responsible for the supply of damaged parts.
Two year’s warranty for the whole machines. During the guarantee time, if the main accessories are verified to have quality problem, our company can supply the new main accessory to the buyer free of charge. The buyer only pays the shipping charge from the sell’s factory to the buy’s address.

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