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三肖中特网免费资料: Folding Machine

三肖中特一百元赢多少 Ours folding machine has there style to choose, folding towel,folding bed sheet or multifunctional folding ground towel or bath.

Laundry towel folding machine is adopt encoder and intelligent infrared testing system, which folding precision and abrogate traditional mechanical pulse counting device, there are wide range speed to adjust, can match to connect some kinds of ironing machine.

Bed sheet folding machine have available to fold in two channels, the max bed sheet folding length is 3300mm,all the control valves are pneumatic, this can improve the bed sheet folding quick and efficiency, with static electricity elimination device and intelligent control system, safely to use. Multifunctional folding ground tower or bath machine is built-in sensor, can automatically identify the size of towel or bath, automatically adjust the appropriate folding width.It’s have vertical folding plate and cross folding plate for double channel folding function,it’s could handle 800 small towels and 600 Large bath per hour in max, high folding speed and high degree of automation.

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