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全网最准的三肖中特: Dry Cleaning Machine

三肖中特一百元赢多少 The fully enclosed dry cleaning machine produced by our factory can be divided into electric heating type and steam heating type according to the heating method and solvent regeneration.

Solvent: Perchloroethylene.

Being durable by adopting stainless steel materials.

Big distil tank can meet different requirements of still amount.

Lots of recruitment of Nylon filter can achieve high cleanliness.

Various colored face plate to satisfy customer’s different requirements.

Full computer control programs can finish all the washing processes by will.

Three kinds of solvent tanks can meet kinds washing demand for colored clothes.

Adopt full-closed refrigerated recovery system to protect the environment and reduce energy consumption.

With muti-zone temperature & pressure measuring device, running is safe and reliable.

Both series use international famous brand critical component parts,ensuring the secondary recovery of perchloroethylene.

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